January 3-7

Bible verse: Lesson 16                             1 Corinthians 4:2

A person who is trusted with something must show that he is worthy of that trust.


Spelling: Lesson 16

List 16:

  1. towels
  2. browse
  3. surround
  4. cloudy
  5. sounded
  6. count
  7. louder
  8. crowd
  9. power
  10. frown
  11. pounds
  12. downtown
  13. playground
  14. drown
  15. outstanding
  16. outdoors
  17. household
  18. however
  19. different
  20. probably


Test Schedule:

Bible: Chapter 16 (Friday, January 7th)

Spelling: List 16 (Friday, January 7th)

Reading: Patrick and the Great Molasses Explosion (Friday, January 7th)



Homework: (homework is assigned on Monday and due on Friday) (LATE HOMEWORK WILL NOT BE TAKEN)

  • Reading- Read an A.R. book on your level for 20 minutes each night. Students can take an A.R. quiz at school when a book is finished.
  • Math- pages 161-162 from the textbook (check the homework folder)



Weekly Focus:

  • Bible– Stewardship Builds God’s Kingdom

Vocabulary: stewardship- the careful and responsible management of possessions, abilities, and time.

Faithful- consistently loyal and trustworthy


  • Reading Patrick and the Great Molasses Explosion- skill: understanding and recognizing historical fiction

Vocabulary (pg. 20 in the workbook) molasses, craving, clattered, cobblestones, enormous, rivets, rumbling, chaos


  • Math– Chapter 6 Multi-Digit Multiplication


  • English– Chapter 6 Coordinate conjunctions, compound sentences


  • Social Studies- Chapter 5 Louisiana Becomes a State


Vocabulary: territory, legislature, industry, cash crop

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