Week of January 2

By December 19, 2022 Ms. Danielle Roberts

Week of January 2, 2023


Wednesday- chapel

Each week, I will send home the test folder with the past week’s test graded for you to see and sign the signature form. Please return the test with graded tests in the folder the next day.

Test Schedule

Thursday, Jan. 5- Speed Drill

Friday, Jan 6- Bible Ch 18 Test

Reading Test

Spelling Test


Math- worksheet, and continue practicing division and multiplication facts (0-10) using flash cards, IPAD, phone, computer, games, etc.

Spelling- study these words for test List 18 Review:

  1. sign
  2. gnat
  3. whole
  4. directions
  5. fifth
  6. which
  7. children
  8. sandwich
  9. divided
  10. oily
  11. choice
  12. rejoice
  13. however
  14. surround
  15. outstanding
  16. probably
  17. also
  18. caught
  19. yawned
  20. awesome

Bible- memorize Memory Verse:  John 2:11, “So in Cana of Galilee, Jesus did his first miracle. There he showed his glory, and his followers believed in him.”

Reading- read an A.R. book for 15 minutes each night. When they are finished reading it, they can take a test on it at school, new point goal has been set.  This nine weeks, the AR grade is just based on reaching their point goal.

Study for upcoming tests:

Math Speed Drill- This week, students will have three minutes to solve 20 multiplication facts with factors of 9.

Bible- students may use their workbook to study and a study guide sheet in their take home folder

Reading- students use their Reading book to review the story and skill, and use reading workbook to study vocabulary


Weekly Focus:

Bible- Jesus’ first miracle-water into wine, growing in faith, power of a testimony; vocab- miracle and faith

Reading- Bear Mouse, skill- understanding setting as the most important element, and study Vocabulary (daisy side of reading workbook pg 26): telltale, intent, skimmed, talons, hibernation, burrowed, darted, dodge

Math- Ch 7 Long Division: review division strategies, divide by multiples of 10, estimate quotients, 2-digit quotients, dividing with and without remainders

English- Ch 7 Writing: Persuasive Paragraph, Ch 8: direct objects

Science- Chapter 10: Solar System-space exploration, sun and solar system, planets, earth’s moon; vocabulary: telescope, probe, satellite, solar system, planet, revolution, orbit, axis, rotation, moon phase

Social Studies- Coming Soon in the 3rd Nine Weeks

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