Week of October 3

By September 29, 2022 Mrs. Jessi Pitman

Announcements: October 3, 2022

Monday-Friday—Book Fair

Wednesday—   No Chapel

Thursday—Christian Tshirt with jeans and school shoes AND Pep Rally volleyball game

Friday—No School  End of the 9 weeks—Enjoy your day!!!

Bible Verse—Fill in the Blank–

Joshua 24:14 Then Joshua spoke to the people. He said, “Now you have heard the Lord’s words. So you must respect the Lord and serve him fully and sincerely. Throw away the false gods that your people worshiped. That happened on the other side of the Euphrates River and in Egypt. Now you must serve the Lord.


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Spelling p. 33-34 p.35 p.36 Test  
Cursive p. 43

Homework due Friday: p.45-46

p. 44 p. 47 Test  
Bible p. 33-34 p. 35 p. 36 Test  
Reading Fluency 2

Afternoon on the Amazon

Afternoon on the Amazon Afternoon on the Amazon Afternoon on the Amazon  
Language Review

Writing Assignment 5

Chapter 6 Test Classroom Practice 25 Classroom Practice 26  
Math p. 93-94 p. 95-96 Ch. 3 Test Ch. 1-3 Review  
Science p. 83-84


Test Performance Task p. 81-82  


Test Schedule:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Speed Drill

Fluency Test

Speed Drill

Language Test

Science Test

Speed Drill

Math Test


Spelling Test

Handwriting Test

Bible Test






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