October 3-7

By September 29, 2022 Mrs. Aimee Kidder

Bible verse: Lesson 9                          Proverbs 15:29

The Lord does not listen to the wicked. But he hears the prayers of those who do right.



List 9:

  1. kept
  2. clasp
  3. craft
  4. asks
  5. behind
  6. drifted
  7. risk
  8. interesting
  9. subtract
  10. gifts
  11. facts
  12. actor
  13. meant
  14. except
  15. speech
  16. skipper
  17. present
  18. understand
  19. toward
  20. finally


Test Schedule:

Science: Chapter 4 (Tuesday, October 4th)


Bible: Chapter 9 (Thursday, October 6th)

Spelling: List 9 (Thursday, October 6th)

Reading: Cold Comprehension reading test (Thursday, October 6th)



  • Reading- Read an A.R. book on your level for 20 minutes each night. Students can take an A.R. quiz at school when a book is finished.
  • Math- practice basic multiplication facts (0-10) using flash cards, IPAD, phone, computer, etc.


Weekly Focus:

  • Bible– Chapter 9- The Lord’s Prayer, important vocabularyprayer (talking with God), submission (a state of having yielded to authority)
  • ReadingAcross the Wide Dark Sea skill: main idea and details

Important vocabulary (workbook page 56) (scarcely, vast, desperate, raging, hauling, plucking, beams, settlement)

  • Math– Chapter 4 Multiplication (new third grade material)
  • Science– Chapter 4 Properties of matter, measuring matter, cycles of matter, states of matter, and mixtures
  • English– Chapter 5- pronouns, simple sentences, conjunctions, and compound parts of a sentence



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