Welcome to 7th Grade Bible!

Welcome to 7th Grade Bible!

My name is Sara van Someren, but I go by Coach Van. I just wanted to share a little information with you about myself. I have been married to my amazing husband for 5 years and we have two precious little boys, Maximus and Tiberius. I am a graduate of First Baptist Christian School and Southeaster Louisiana University. I am so excited to get to explore the life of Christ with each of you this year in Bible class.


Class Expectations:

Always come prepared with your materials (pencils, paper. etc. )

Always be respectful (to yourself, your peers, and your teachers)

Please be sure to follow all classroom procedures

Always, always, always do your best!


Important Information: 

School website: www.fbcseagles.com

My email: [email protected]

All grades can be found on headmaster

All homework, quizzes and tests can be found on the google calendar (there will be a link to my calendar posted separately from this page)


What Will We be Learning?

7th grade Bible is a study of the four Gospels which include Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. It is a study about the life of Christ which includes His ministry, death and resurrection.


                                           7th Grade Bible Rubric


Exam 1 exam 200 points
Tests 2 x 100 pts each 200 points
Project 1 project 100 points
Bellringer Quiz 2 x 50 pts each 100 points
Classwork/Homework   200 points
Quizzes  2 x 20 pts each 40 points
Memory Verse Quiz 8 x 20 pts each 160 points
    Total 1000 points

** Some nine weeks will have 3 tests and no project.

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