Welcome to PE II

Welcome to a new school year!

In PE II we will be focused on being able to apply the skills that have been built up over the years to game like situations. We will review skills and have assessments on skills, but the main focus at this stage in PE is being able to use all of those skills and play full game scenarios and use strategy to help your team do the best that they can.

Each student will need to dress out every day. This includes the school’s PE shirt and shorts as well as a pair of running shoes/athletic shoes. Students will be docked points for every day that they do not dress out.

A large portion of the student’s grade in PE also comes from participation. Students are expected to always try their best even if they may not be good at the particular sport we are learning.


                                         Physical Education Rubric

Participation 30 points per week 240 points
Dress 30 points per week 240 points
Quiz 2 quizzes 50 points each
Skills tests (achievement assessments) Will vary depending upon 9 weeks (3-5 assessments) 120 points
Fitness assessment   50 points
Class work 2 x 25 pts each 50 points
Exam 1 exam 200 points
    Total 1000 points

** Students will not be required to dress out during exam week

** Skills tests will vary depending upon the nine weeks and how many sports are covered during that nine week period

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