October 24-28

By October 21, 2022 Mrs. Aimee Kidder

Bible verse: Lesson 12              Luke 8:15

And what is the seed that fell on the good ground? That is like those who hear God’s teaching with a good, honest heart. They obey God’s teaching and patiently produce good fruit.


Spelling: Lesson 12

List 12: Review List

  1. coach
  2. follow
  3. tomorrow
  4. pumpkin
  5. minutes
  6. usual
  7. choose
  8. truthful
  9. clasp
  10. except
  11. subtract
  12. finally
  13. lamb
  14. gulped
  15. Psalms
  16. climber
  17. halftime
  18. yourself
  19. Christian
  20. Christmas



Test Schedule:

Math: Chapter 4 (Tuesday, October 25th)


Science: Chapter 6 (Thursday, October 27th)



Spelling: List 12 (Friday, October 28th)

Bible: Chapter 12 (Friday, October 28th)

Reading: A Day When Frogs Wear Shoes (Friday, October 28th)


Homework: (homework is assigned on Monday and due on Friday) (LATE HOMEWORK WILL NOT BE TAKEN)

  • Reading- Read an A.R. book on your level for 20 minutes each night. Students can take an A.R. quiz at school when a book is finished.
  • Math- STUDY MULTIPLICATION MATH FACTS, study the concepts and vocabulary on the study guide


Weekly Focus:

  • Bible- Responding to the Gospel, Sowing Seeds, Parable of the Sower (Luke 8:4-8)

Important Vocabulary: sow-to plant seeds for growth, reap- to gather a crop, Gospel- the good news of who Jesus is and what He did for people.


  • Reading- A Day When Frogs Wear Shoes new skill-making connections

Important Vocabulary: (workbook page 74) (clammy, arctic, doze, punctured, explored, scalding, pastime, locate)

  • Math- Chapter 4- Multiplication
  • English- Writing an three-point paragraph- prewriting, rough draft, and final draft
  • Science- Chapter 6 Electricity- static electricity, electric current, types of circuits, electricity in homes, and electricity safety



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