Week of March 8th – 12th


This week we will continue to present our Spanish recipe projects, watch Spanish enrichment videos, and review for the exam this week.

Monday – Continue Recipe Project Presentations 

Tuesday – Buena Gente Series 

Wednesday – Review Day

Thursday – Exam

Friday – No School 

Chapter 2B: Review on pages 120-121

  • Talk about personal and classroom items and furniture
  • Talk about the locations of objects in a classroom setting, people in a photo
  • Describe a classroom
  • Indicate where things are located
  • Talk about more than one object or person
  • Understand cultural perspectives on school
  • Talk about: preferences concerning foods and beverages; eating habits during different meals; favorite activities

Chapter 3A: Review on pages 144-145

  • Listen to and understand information about food items
  • Listen to information about breakfast and lunch
  • Reading a restaurant menu
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Breakfast habits in Spanish-speaking countries
  • The connection between produce exports and economics in Latin American countries
  • Talk about vocabulary through the recognition of cognates
  • Me gustan vs me encantan
  • Present tense of –er and –ir verbs
  • Pronunciation of –h and –j
  • Discover the local availability of foods from Spanish-speaking countries


Students were given quizlets and their tests back to review for the exam. At the end of each chapter there is a breakdown of the chapter they can also use to review.

If they need any extra help or have any questions please email me at [email protected] 🙂

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