Mrs. Sara vanSomeren – Bible 7

19Sep, 20

September 28-October 2

Bible Comic projects are due on Thursday!!


Monday: Write memory verse 3x Philippians 1:6 ESV and review for Unit 3 test

Wednesday and Thursday we will be working on our Exam study guide



Tuesday: Unit 3 Test

Thursday: Memory verse quiz and Bible Comic due

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19Sep, 20

September 21-25

Remember to bring your Bible Comic and colors to class everyday!



Monday: Write memory verse 3x Galatians 4:4-5 ESV

Tuesday: Complete “Thinking in Through” on pg. 41 #1-6 if not completed in class

Friday: Complete Unit 3 study guide if not completed in class



Monday: Quiz on Christ’s Transfiguration

Thursday: Memory Verse Quiz


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17Sep, 20

Bible Comic Project

Bible Project

Comic on Events Surrounding Christ’s Birth

List of Events:

  1. Angel appears to Zechariah in the temple
  2. Zechariah becomes mute because of his lack of faith
  3. Elizabeth becomes pregnant
  4. Angel appears to Mary
  5. Mary visits Elizabeth
  6. John the Baptist is born
  7. Zechariah becomes unmute
  8. Angel appears to Joseph
  9. Jesus is born
  10. An angel appears to the shepherds
  11. The shepherds find Christ
  12. Herod sends the wise men
  13. Mary, joseph and Jesus flee to Egypt
  14. Herod decrees for all male children under the age of 2 to be killed
  15. Mary, Joseph and Jesus return to Nazareth


  • Due October 1, 2020
  • Create a comic book/strip that includes all of the events surrounding Christ’s birth that are listed above.
  • ALL events must be included and must be in order!
  • Your comic must have a title page that says “Events Surrounding Christ’s Birth” by “Your Name” (or if you are feeling creative you can come up with your own title that means the same thing)
  • Stick figures are acceptable
  • Be creative and take your time (I can tell if you rushed through it or really spent time making it nice)
  • Project is worth 100 Points

Grading Rubric:

Each event is worth 5 points each Total of 75 points
Title page is worth 5 points Total of 5 points
Creativity is worth 10 points Total of 10 points
Neatness is worth 10 points Total of 10 points
  Overall Total of 100 points
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11Sep, 20

September 14th-18th


Monday: Write Memory Verse 3x (John 16:33 ESV)

Tuesday: Complete Christ’s Transfiguration crossword puzzle if not completed in class

Wednesday: Study for quiz on Christ’s Transfiguration



Thursday: Memory Verse Quiz

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04Sep, 20

September 7th-11th


Monday: Labor Day

Tuesday: Write memory verse 3x (Matthew 7:21)


Thursday: Memory Verse quiz on Matthew 7:21 ESV

Friday: Test on Units 1-2, review the study guide from class

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28Aug, 20

August 31- September 4


Monday: Write memory verse 3x Hosea 6:6 ESV

Wednesday: Complete Lesson 2-4 Thinking it Through if not completed in class

Thursday: Complete study guide for Units 1 and 2 Test if not completed in class


Thursday: Memory Verse Quiz Hosea 6:6 ESV


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21Aug, 20

August 24th-28th


Monday: Write memory verse 3x (Hosea 6:6 ESV)

Wednesday: Study for memory verse quiz


Thursday: Memory verse quiz on Hosea 6:6 ESV

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14Aug, 20

August 17-21


Monday Write memory verse of the week 3x ( Isaiah 14:24 ESV)


Wednesday: Unit 1 quiz (lessons 1-1, 1-2, and 1-3)

Thursday: Memory Verse Quiz (Isaiah 14:24)

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07Aug, 20

Aug 10th-14th


Tuesday: Write verse of the week 3x (Psalms 37-4-5)  if not completed in class


Friday: Memory verse quiz (Psalms 37:4-5)

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05Aug, 20

Welcome Back to School 2020-2021

Welcome back to school! I am excited to be back in the class with you! This year we have to work together to make it the best year it can be considering everything that is going on around the world. One thing is certain though, and that is that we serve a faithful God! Here is some general information about me and some expectations for the school year.

Facts About my Teacher

  • – My name is Sara van Someren
  • – Graduated High School from First Baptist
  • – Graduated college from Southeastern Louisiana University with a B.S. in Health and Physical Education K-12
  • – Married in May of 2016
  • – Two sons named Maximus and Tiberius
  • – Born and raised in First Baptist Church and participated in:
    • o Children’s Church
    • o Bible Drill
    • o Church Choir
    • o Sunday School

Important Information

  • School website:
  • My email: s[email protected]
  • All grades can be found on headmaster
  • All Homework and Tests can be found on the school website 



  • Always be prepared for class
  • Follow ALL classroom and school procedures
  • Respect each other and yourselves
  • Always do your best!
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20Apr, 20

Suggested assignments for remainder of April

Hey everyone! I miss y’all! I hope you guys are still using this time to learn and grow in your walk with God!

Since we would be learning all about the parables of Jesus at school, here is what I think would be great for you guys to do:

Use the chart of parables on page 152 and choose one parable per day to read and learn about. Also if it doesn’t make sense to you, take the time to look up a commentary or two and do a little research about what that parable means.

Also, I want to challenge you to spend at least 10 minutes in prayer every day!

You can always email me anytime for questions!

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06Apr, 20

Suggestions for April 6- April 10

Remember these assignments are only suggestions for you to keep growing in your knowledge. They are not going to be turned in or graded.

First Assignment: Read Luke 16:1-15 and then read Lesson 7-3 pages 157-158. Write/Discuss how this lesson relates to alot of people in the current situation in our nation.

Second Assignment: Discuss some ways that money can be helpful and some ways that money can be sinful.

Third Assignment: Read Lesson 7-4 pages 158-160. Discuss the following questions:

1. What are the basic need God has promised to supply for His people.

2. Why are people supposed to work?

3. How should a teenager use their money?

4. Is it right to spend money on entertainment?

Lastly, I want to encourage all of you to find a daily devotional that you can do in your quiet time. Some of you might already have one but of not, I want you to take a little time out of each day to read a few Scripture verses and even start keeping a journal to write some prayer requests and what you learned from your quiet time.

I miss you guys!

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30Mar, 20

Suggestions for March 30- April 3

First Assignment:

Read lesson 7-2 pgs. 155-156. Once you have read the lesson, discus/write what you think it’s talking about when it mentions the kingdom of God. (Answer things such as is it heavenly or earthly, where is the kingdom, etc.) Then discus/write how you think someone becomes a part of the kingdom (be specific!) and how does the kingdom expand.

Second Assignment:

Interview a friend or family member who you know is a Christian and ask them how they became saved

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25Mar, 20

Wednesday March 25- Friday March 27

Your second assignment this week will be due on Friday by 8:00pm

You will need to read Matthew 13:24-52 and type a 7-10 sentence summary.

After you finish the summary I want you to describe and explain  in your own words what you think the following statement means:

“We shouldn’t try to figure out who is really saved since a false profession cannot always be detected”




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23Mar, 20

Monday March 23- Wednesday March 25

Hey everyone! Hope all is going well and I hope y’all have been growing a lot in your faith during these crazy times! Remember when we talked about how powerful prayer was? I hope y’all are using some of your extra time to spend in prayer.

You will have two assignments this week. The first one will be due this Wednesday at 3:00pm and the second assignment will be posted Wednesday and due on Friday.

Youe first assignment: Due Wednesday at 3:00

You will need to read lesson 7-1 (pgs. 153-154) in your textbook. After you read the lesson you will need to type a description of each of the four soils mentioned in this lesson. You then will need to tell me which teenager (James, Melanie, Rich, and Tricia) represents which soil.

After you identify the teens, type a brief description of which soil you think represents you and why.

So, you should have a total of three things on your paper before you email it to me. First, the description of four soils. Second, the identifying of the four teens. Third, which soil represents you.

Please email me with any questions you have!

I miss y’all!

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18Mar, 20

March 16-20

  1. Hey everyone! Hope you are all doing well and staying healthy during this crazy time. We serve a mighty God who is always in control. There is nothing too big for Him! Take advantage of all your time at home to read your Bible and grow closer in your walk with God!


Here is your assignment for the week:

Due Friday March 20th by 3:00pm

-You are going to choose two of the parables from the chart on page 152 in your books and read the Scripture passage that goes with it. You then must type a summary for each parable that is 7-10 sentences. Include in your summaries what you think Jesus was trying tell us through the parables that you choose. You must email it to me by this Friday at 3:00pm!

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09Mar, 20

March 9-March 12

Exam Week

Tuesday: Exam

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02Mar, 20

March 2-6

Homework and Quizzes

Monday: Write memory verse 3x John 14:6

Thursday: Take memory verse quiz

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18Feb, 20

Week of February 17-21

Monday: Write memory verse 3x Proverbs 3:13
Thursday: Memory verse quiz
Friday: Work on Miracles Project
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12Feb, 20

Miracles Project

Bible Project: Miracles

Due Monday March 2


Paper Format:

  • ½ page – 1 full page typed
  • Must be double spaced
  • 12pt font
  • Name and date in top left corner
  • Title of paper will be the title of your miracle

What to include in your paper

  • Where the miracle is taking place (if it doesn’t say it in your scripture references then research it)
  • What is going on during the time Jesus performs the miracle (what are people doing, are any events going on during that time, are people gathered together and for what reason are they gathered, is the person alone and why is he alone, etc.)
  • Describe what the miracle is that Jesus performs (Ex: Jesus took five loaves of bread and two fish and multiplied that food to feed over 5,000 people. Explain that there was a large crowd gathered to hear Jesus preaching and they were all hungry)
  • Describe what happens after Jesus performs the miracle (what are the reactions, how do people respond, what does Jesus say, etc)
  • Close by explaining what we can learn from the miracle Jesus performed

Poster Board:

  • 1 poster board, any color, standard size, any material (get the cheap ones!)
  • Title of your miracle must be large and centered at the top of the board
  • Include the reference of your miracle under the title (it can be smaller than the title)
  • Include details of your miracle on the poster board (what was the miracle, who was involved, what did Jesus do, how did people respond, ect)
  • Include 3-4 pictures of your miracle on the poster board
  • Poster boards can include printed pictures and words or pictures and words done by hand
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10Feb, 20

February 10-14


Monday: Write Matthew 6:33 3x

Thursday: Memory verse quiz

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03Feb, 20

February 3-7

Monday: Write MV 3x 1 John 1:5

Thursday: MV Quiz

Friday: Test on Lessons 5-6 through 5-11

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